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  Av. Los Fainsanes Nº 148 Urb. La Campiña, Chorrillos-Lima Perú
Tel: (511) 252-0424/ Fax (511) 251-2603


Nobex Companies is aware of the existence of unsatisfied basic needs in the area where operations were started in the valley of Acarí. This community has agriculture as its leading economic activity and is mainly formed by poor share-croppers.

Agroindustrias Nobex has always worked to support this community in different ways: helping educational and health centers, fostering the developing of green areas, taking care of affluent rivers and encouraging people to have a healthy life.

In 2011 Nobex Companies started the project NOBEX CUNA JARDÍN, an interactive day care center where our personnel's babies and children are taken care of and provided education for free. Every project is supervised and conducted by preschool professionals and we are determined to do the best to extend this benefit to more families in need in the community.

Av. Los Faisanes N° 148, Urb. La Campiña, Chorrillos - Lima 09 - Perú. Tel: (511) 252-0424 / Fax: (511) 251-2603 /