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  Av. Los Fainsanes Nº 148 Urb. La Campiña, Chorrillos-Lima Perú
Tel: (511) 252-0424/ Fax (511) 251-2603


Nobex Companies started operations in 1997 with the aim of collecting and processing olives in a standard way, generating an important exportable consistent offer. Since year T2000, Nobex has been the leader in olive exports and had 40% of Peruvian exports in a few years.

Since its beginning innovation in process and products has not stopped. We have over 60 foreign customers, as well as the most important companies in Peru as our clients. In addition, our line of products has found diversification and, nowadays, Nobex commercializes products in bulk and glass jars, in almost every possible presentation.

Av. Los Faisanes N° 148, Urb. La Campiña, Chorrillos - Lima 09 - Perú. Tel: (511) 252-0424 / Fax: (511) 251-2603 /