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  Av. Los Fainsanes Nº 148 Urb. La Campiña, Chorrillos-Lima Perú
Tel: (511) 252-0424/ Fax (511) 251-2603


Nobex is a group of Peruvian enterprises dedicated to the processing, canning and commercialization of olives in the local and international market. Its philosophy is based on innovation, customer service and the search for improvement. These attributes have been recognized by the market and, as a result, the company has been the leader in Peruvian exports since the year 2000.

The company is run under the highest quality and environmental standards and its infrastructure is very relevant to this matter.

We have an important infrastructure:

  • Its olive plantations provide the supplies needed and the opportunity to develop new varieties which ensure long term commercial growth.
  • There are two industrial plants for stocking and manufacturing, located in Tacna and Arequipa, the two most important locations for olive plantations in Peru.
  • The packing and bottling plant is located in Lima.
Av. Los Faisanes N° 148, Urb. La Campiña, Chorrillos - Lima 09 - Perú. Tel: (511) 252-0424 / Fax: (511) 251-2603 /